New MacOS malware found named “Silver Sparrow” infecting nearly 30,000 Macs

A new macOS malware has been found named “Silver Sparrow” and is reported to have infected nearly 30,000 Mac computers. It was primarily intended to target Apple’s new M1 chips but is also affecting intel machines as well.

Although the malware doesn’t do anything on the affected hosts, it poses a threat that it may be positioned to deliver a potentially impactful payload at a moment’s notice, based on the findings and investigations of security analyst Red Canary.

How to avoid this malware from infecting your system?

  1. Be wary of installing apps and updates on your computer from untrusted sources. The threat is distributed as a self-contained pkg or dmg installer that is masquerading as a legitimate application such as Adobe Flash Player. Only install apps from trusted sources.
  2. Keep your system updated. Install the latest Apple security updates on your machine and consider upgrading to the latest version of macOS Big Sur (if your system supports it). Apple has since revoked the developer certificates that allowed the malware to propagate and says new machines can no longer be infected. Apple’s own research responded to Red Canary’s findings and found no evidence that the malware has delivered a malicious payload to any of the infected computers.

If you want to know more about this malware, go to the link below:


Stay safe everyone.

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