BenefitPay Phishing Scam – Be extra careful!

There has been a round of SMS phishing message that has been circulating recently targeting BenefitPay users. Please be extra careful with this kind of scam and never share your information. 

SMS text received to targeted users.

The phishing scam basically sends a text message to the targeted user asking them to click a link to update their BenefitPay account. Since it is a normal form of text, you’ll likely end up clicking the link, redirecting you to a page that’s very identical to the BenefitPay web page. It will then ask for your CPR, Mobile Number, and ePin to update your information. 

Clicking the Next button will then give you an error that there is something wrong, and asks you to try again later.

After about 30-mins, someone will then call you claiming to be a BenefitPay representative. They won’t stop until you answer. Then, using the CPR number and mobile number you provided, they will tell you that there was a system error and that they need to assist you in updating your account. They will try to convince you and invoke a script that will make BenefitPay legitimately send a verification code. And then asks you to provide that code to them. And this is where you’ll get scammed. There will be catastrophic financial consequences if you share the verification code. NEVER share your pin code or verification code with anyone.

What to do if you receive the message

  • Ignore the message and delete it immediately
  • NEVER share your pin code or verification code to anyone
  • If you have provided your CPR number and mobile number, they’ll likely contact you. Ignore their calls and block their number if your phone supports it
  • Report the number immediately to the concerned authorities

Please be extra careful and vigilant!

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