The challenges of implementing and practising Cybersecurity

Paul Chicester, director of operations at the NCSC said, “Cybersecurity is a really challenging discipline to operate in. If you think about driving a car and, over many years of driving, you learn certain things and it doesn’t generally change, the practices keep you safe. Nobody tells you not to use the brakes anymore.”

Cybersecurity threats are constantly changing and evolving, and even faster than existing security defenses. Attackers, especially with regards to email threats, are quickly finding new ways to evade traditional email security solutions.

Information security officers will need to understand the increasing number of privacy and compliance laws implemented globally. It is now becoming increasingly important for organisation executives to focus on how to integrate security into the company culture so that everyone in the organisation understands the roles they play in keeping the company secure.

Even security companies themselves who are responsible for protecting from cyber-attacks are not immune to these threats. Just recently, Palo Alto Networks, a security company suffered a data breach highlighting risks posed by third-party vendors.

On a similar note, a data breach at Mixcloud, a UK based audio streaming platform, suffered a data breach exposing more than 20 million user accounts after its data was sold on the dark web.

This data included usernames, email addresses, and SHA-2 scrambled passwords, account activity, IP addresses, and links to profile photos. Go here to read Mixcloud’s security statement.

There is no delete button in the Internet

Exercising good online security practices is very essential for anyone accessing the Internet. From simple changing of passwords, to enabling 2-factor authentication, to thinking twice before posting or opening a link of an email, can make a big difference.

Take a look at some of these security tips:

Take control of your privacy and protect yourself.

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