Be careful with forwarding hoax messages

There has been a message on Facebook Messenger that has been spreading around like crazy claiming that you will receive money by forwarding it to your friends or other Facebook contacts.

Well, sorry my friends, DO NOT fall for this make-believe! This message is a hoax and we will tell you why:

First, Bill Gates does not share his fortune. He wouldn’t just blindly give away money to anyone by simply forwarding a message, would he? Moreover, Bill Gates has not connection with Facebook! It doesn’t make sense for a rich and very successful entrepreneur from Microsoft to go around forwarding messages though Facebook Messenger.

Internet Explorer Logo

Bill Gates surely have shared his fortune through his foundation called Bill & Melinda gates foundation. Microsoft and AOL are two different companies and they don’t work together. And by the way, Internet Explorer is already dead (maybe not totally dead but almost extinct). Microsoft replaced it with a new name Microsoft Edge.

Next is, email beta test? Why would Microsoft run email beta test wherein they already have solid email platforms like Hotmail, Outlook, and Live? AOL on the other hand has it’s own email platform and has already been acquired by Verizon Media. Think about it.

Similarly, Microsoft cannot track you if you forward that message. Unless you are emailing a copy to a tracking software mechanism, nothing is being counted, tracked, or whatnot. You’re using a Facebook messenger for heaven’s sake.

With all that said, please stop forwarding messages like this. If you happen to get one, delete it immediately and tell the sender to stop spreading it. You are only doing harm than good.

So, what is this all about?

This hoax is a process called social engineering. It is a type of deception to manipulate individuals into divulging confidential or personal information that may be used for fraudulent activities, which may lead to identity theft, financial loss, or broken reputation.

If you read the full message below, you will find that at the end of the message the sender is trying to ask for your address claiming to be coming from Microsoft.

A screenshot of the Fake message spreading through Facebook Messenger

So stay safe and vigilant!

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