Data breach exposed millions of Adobe Creative Cloud Accounts

Do you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account?

If you have, then you may need to review your account security settings and tighten it up by either changing your password or enabling two-factor authentication (2FA).

If you receive an email claiming to be from Adobe, be careful even if it does contain information which only you and Adobe should know. A few weeks ago, Adobe has been breached and about 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud accounts have been exposed to the public.

The breach contained email addresses, account creation date, subscription and payment status, country, member ID, whether the user is an Adobe employee, and the Adobe products being used.

Although the breach did not include any passwords or financial information, you still need to be extra careful especially when an email reaches your Inbox claiming to be from Adobe. Creative Cloud account holders could potentially become targets of phishing attacks.

You can read about Adobe’s security statement here.

Furthermore, to defend against cyber-attacks, install appropriate antivirus software across all your devices. Read more about employing security measures here.

Stay safe and secure!

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