Data Privacy Matters: Learn why it is important

Understanding data security and privacy and knowing how to protect them is a must in the 21st century. Your personal information is a very valuable commodity not just for marketing companies, but also for cyber-criminals.

But our online life is reshaping our views about data privacy. And its hardly surprising that the more we spend our time online and conduct more of our personal business online, we are also changing our views about privacy.

Statistics has shown that 12 out of 15 people accept that the disclosure of personal information is a “fact of modern life”.

This idea puts one to the risk of data exposure that may lead identity theft, resulting to a catastrophe, as well as financial loss and reputation.

Many users overshare information on social media and in other venues. This provides useful fodder for cyber-criminals, most especially those who are focused on spearphishing attempts. For example, someone who extensively shares details about their business travel, restaurants they have recently visited, their vacations and other personal information provides information that will be useful for cyber-criminals in crafting emails that appear to be timely and believable.

Reducing the risks of data exposure

While having the convenience of accessing the world of products and services, entertainment, and information at our fingertips, also comes the chance for scammers, hackers, and identity thieves to try to steal our data. Defend yourself by installing a VPN service on your device to encrypt your data from end-to-end.

Although, VPN encrypts your data connection, it does not protect you from computer adware, malware, or viruses. Install an appropriate Internet security or antivirus app like Avast Internet Security or Avira Internet Security Suite on your devices to defend against these threats.

Social media or social networking is now a way of life. Educate your kids about making sake and responsible decisions online. Be extra careful with what you or your children share and maintain appropriate social boundaries. We talked about social responsibility here.

Always remember, once uploaded on the internet, it can never be deleted.

Why privacy matters

Privacy matters a lot more than just protecting your online personal data and information. It matters because it enables us to manage our reputation. People judge badly and judge with hypocrisy.

Privacy matters because it is essential in so many decisions made about us, from whether we get a job and personal reputations, to getting a license or a loan, or even our influence to social and political views.

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