What you must know about data privacy

Should you be concerned about your data privacy? The short answer is Yes, you should be.


Because your personal data is your own and no else has the right to take it from you. Because it is essential for you to safeguard your personal data especially when doing things online. And because, it exposing it can destroy you.

There are more than 40% of people worldwide feel they lack control over their personal data. Furthermore, 1/3 of parents do not know how to explain online security risks to their children. A lot of our generation nowadays do not care much about their online privacy.

Hackers and online criminals are getting more and more sophisticated, that, even major companies like Facebook, Adobe and LinkedIn experienced data breaches that placed tens of millions of personal records exposed.

This is the main reason why everyone should understand the basics of data security and privacy and learn how to protect themselves. Understanding how to protect ones personal data is an important step towards online security.

What are the implications when your personal data is compromised?

A lot of things can happen if your personal data is compromised. Depending of what data is exposed, it can greatly affect your personal and financial life.

Hackers and online criminals who have your exposed information will do the following:

  • They will sell your information to professional scammers
  • They will flood your mailbox with spam emails as well as scam emails that will either squeeze more information from you, or blackmail you
  • They will try to break into your social media accounts
  • They will try to break your bank, credit card, and other utility accounts

There are a couple of things you can do to protect your data by doing security basics and watch how you do online:

  • Do not disclose sensitive information on social media
  • Keep yourself informed about the latest security measures
  • Learn to understand and identify email scams
  • Install a trusted VPN on your device to encrypt your online activity from end-to-end & getting snooped or spied upon, especially when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Install an Antivirus/Antimalware software
  • Set different passwords on your accounts

Check our article here for more information about protecting your data.

Stay safe!

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