Make sure to choose the right VPN service to ensure privacy

A good VPN service takes good care of your privacy and security.

When subscribing for a VPN service, make sure to choose the right one. Make sure that their service is reliable and secure. Meaning, they take good care in handling the privacy and security of your online activity. This is what you’ve been paying for after all, aside from avoiding content restriction.

You need to remember that VPNs are still built of networks out of servers that is configured by people. And, running on infrastructure run by third-party suppliers. In other words, VPN providers are still at risk to cyber-attacks.

Furthermore, VPNs does not magically improve your overall security. It simply encrypts your connection from end-to-end to prevent snooping or spying from ISPs or hackers. VPNs does not prevent your from accessing malware-infected sites, nor prevent computer viruses in reaching your computers and devices.

To increase your defense against malware and viruses, install an appropriate Internet security or antivirus software like Avast Internet Security or Avira Internet Security Suite on your devices to defend against these threats.

Needless to say, always remember to avoid free VPN services or your privacy and anonymity could very well end up worse than it was before. Read our article here to know why.

To make sure you have the right VPN service, always check the following:

#1 Zero Activity Log

Ensure that they don’t log your activities for complete privacy.

When you are browsing the Internet, your activity is being routed through what we call as routers and name servers. These servers are the ones responsible in interpreting your requests from your device to the world wide web and back.

Normally, most ISPs use proxy servers and caching servers to intercept these data to make your browsing faster. These data contains all your browsing activities. These data can be sold and used for ad targeting. Or, it can even be used to investigate your online activities.

So, first things first. Make sure your Internet activities are not being logged.

#2 Fast Connection

Make sure that the service does not limit your bandwidth, especially when streaming and downloading files. When you connect through VPN, all your Internet traffic are being routed through their servers from end-to-end. If their is network latency and a limited bandwidth, you’ll have a terrible user experience like slow internet browsing, websites not loading, etc…

#3 They have plenty of VPN servers to choose from

This means there’s a lot of redundancy. Which in turn, increases the speed of data requests. Thus, make your internet browsing faster. You will also have maximum anonymity as your IP address can change from one country to another, whilst maintaining speed.

#4 No content restrictions

This means that you’ll forget about censorship and have total freedom from content restrictions while maintaining your privacy.

P2P and torrenting? No problem. Media streaming like Netflix? No problem. Browse anything and everything. But please, too much freedom can hurt you. So always, be responsible!

#5 Easy to use and great product support

Make sure that you will get the support that you deserve. Make sure that the service is easy and simple. And most of all, you can easily find answers and product support are always available for help.

Our recommended VPN servers

There are plenty of VPN services out there, but we’ve come up with only three. We know we’re a bit bias here. But, we’ve found out that these VPN services are trusted, fast, and reliable. And we use them too!

#1 NordVPN

NordVPN has an easy to understand console and has the largest number of server choices. They are the fastest and provide the most reliable streaming service.

#2 Avast Secureline VPN

Avast offers a good service, although they are more known for their antivirus software and other security software. If you do not expect to stream or torrent often, this would be a good choice.

Stay safe and secure!

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