Why using Free VPN service is always a bad idea

Free VPN service are gaining a lot of popularity these days. It’s tempting. And now that you’ve learned using a VPN service is one good measure in protecting your online privacy, you decide, okay, it’s time for me to subscribe… But wait…

You might think, why the hell should I pay for a VPN service if I could just use those free offerings?

Well, there are so many reasons why and we’ll just mention five factors why you should avoid free VPN service at all costs!

#1 Free VPN service steal your bandwith

Yes! Free VPNs usually do this. While not all, most of them tend to steal your bandwidth and sells them to third-party to make profit for themselves.

One great example for this is the Israel-based Hola VPN service. It was found to have sold its users bandwidth ad used it for a botnet attack! Not good! You can find an article here about the report.

#2 Free VPN service generally slows down your Internet

We mentioned in our previous article that VPNs help you avoid getting retargeted ads. Well, free VPNs tend to do exactly the opposite by merely displaying annoying ads! Of course, they’re making money out of those ads which is not surprising.

#3 Free VPN service are generally limited

Free VPNs only focuses on the idea of anonymising your identity and bypassing big brother restrictions. They tend to limit your usage on data, bandwidth, or even disable peer-to-peer (P2P) connections on the purpose of manipulating you to upgrade to their premium service.

#4 Free VPNs often tries to hijack your web browser

Browser hijacking is a dangerous feature that can affect you to a large extent. Free VPNs often do this to redirect your browser to their partner websites without your permission! That’s just dirty!

Hotspot shield, for one, was accused to have redirected HTTP requests to e-commerce sites through its partner networks. You can read about the report here.

#5 Free VPNs contain malware

Well, might not be all free VPNs, but yes, Malwares are often hidden inside free VPNs which eventually lead to the following problems:

  • You can be hit with targeted ads and spam emails
  • They can hijack your online accounts
  • Disruptive ads

VPN Master, for one, contained eight types of harmful malware! There were 500 million users that were affected due to installing VPN software on their android devices. You can read about that here.

SO, we really hope that these points we’ve mentioned will help you evaluate your decision when choosing a VPN service. The risks are so high that you’d better off not using it at all. You are merely compromising your safety, security, and possibly even your personal data. And oh! even your privacy even if they claim to be “Virtual Private Networks”.

If we’ve convinced you to ditch the free VPN service, check out our article here about protecting your online privacy. We’ve mentioned 3 best VPN services for you to use.

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