Protecting your privacy, why is it important?

Protecting your privacy online is a very important factor in this digital age. You need to be vigilant in what you do or share online. Big brother is always watching you.

So why do you care about protecting your online privacy?

Here are 5 main reasons why:

#1 Protecting your privacy means to remain private and secured

By using a VPN service, you can increase your online privacy and security specially when connecting to Public Wi-Fi hotspots. VPN is an excellent way of protecting your privacy when using these networks because it encrypts and secures your internet connection from end-to-end.

#2 Protecting your privacy means preventing your ISP from snooping you

Did you know that your ISP can sell your browsing data? Using a VPN service prevents your ISP from seeing what you’re doing online, so they cannot spy nor snoop you on your activity and privacy from end-to-end.

#3 Protecting your privacy means avoiding getting targeted on Ads

Have you ever visited a website and then left the site before completing your purchase only to see an ad elsewhere online for that website the next day? IP address re-targeting is a marketing tactic used by many industries. No matter where you go on the Internet, advertisers will continue to target you based on your previous browsing history. If you share a computer at home, these ads can prove embarrassing if you’ve previously been looking at sites you don’t want your family members to know about. VPN servers will mask your IP address and issue you a new one for the length of your online visit.

#4 Protecting your privacy means staying Anonymous

Your IP address identifies your computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate. This means your IP address is visible to third-party websites trying to view your location, and your ISP is able to see the websites you visit. VPN will anonymise your computer by masking and assigning a new IP address.

#5 Reclaim your internet freedom

Access geo-blocked content and stay secure while streaming online. Achieve the best streaming experience with using a VPN service. Access the Internet with complete unrestricted access. Think of it as if your were on the country depending on the VPN server of your choosing.

What VPN service should you use?

There are plenty of VPN services out there, and there are even those who offer “free” VPN services (in which you have to avoid at all costs! Visit our article here why you should avoid using free VPNs).

We’ve come up to top three VPN services you can choose from. We’ve found these services to be secure and reliable. Just choose one.

Nord VPN

NordVPN has an easy to understand console and has the largest number of server choices. They are the fastest and provide the most reliable streaming service.


Avast offers a good service, but they are more known for their antivirus software and other security software. If you do not expect to stream or torrent often, this would be a good choice.

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